I am, Tom Jackson, a Shaman, Healer and a Medium. Littlemoonriver is a place where to come and get healing, to relax, meditate and to find yourself and your inner-self. People sometimes feel that they "FEEL LOST " and have " NO ENERGY ". Littlemoonrivers motto is " what ever you do in life do it from your heart ". Think positively and not negatively. Find your balance , being in balance is an IMPORTANT thing.  Littlemoonriver come about in a vision in one of Bergens long tunnels after one workshop weekend about the " Medicine Wheel "in December 2005. The choice to follow " The RED PATH " was already made earlier, but The Red Path lead me to Rendalen, Hedemark which was surprising . Especially after I found out about Tron Mountain., which I can see from Littlemoonriver, Tron Mountain is known as the "Mountain of Truth ". But now i have moved to Spain , If anyone would like to have workshops in their area ... please contact me and we can arrange something .

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